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With its flagrant use of imagery and heavy handed presentation of health-related themes, this print captures the hysteria that surrounded the last cholera outbreak of the 19th century.

"The Bar" in pencil center margin
Signed: "Wulf" in pencil LR margin with Blind tamp: Federal Art Project
Verso: "Calif--Lloyd Wulf--Litho" in pencil bottom

This print captures a scene in Somerset Court Asylum in the UK. Notably, many of the asylum’s patients were institutionalized because of the heavy metal poisoning from runoff from a local lead mining operation.

This print, published by Nathaniel Currier of the iconic print company Currier & Ives, categorizes the major sins into three primary branches.

This print traces an old maid’s path from youth to middle age, providing a disposition for each age.

Satirical print meant for popular amusement.

04a_2 MS 429 Ser I Box 5 Fol 251.jpg
Salisbury describes in his journal his conversation with Smith when they met at Tauchnitz’ print shop, including Gesenius’ work on the ancient Himyaritic script of Yemen, an Arab poet’s response to a recent translation by Silvestre de Sacy,…
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