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Flyer on sexual harassment

Logo for the 100 years of women at Yale Medical School celebration.

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Reprinted from Clinical Research, Vol 2., no. 2, February 1972, 125-129.

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Bill_of_Rights_Women in Medicine 199.pdf
Bill of Rights created in 1999 by women faculty at Yale Medical School.

Hadley (Class of 1842) had been a tutor of Greek at Yale from 1845-1848. In 1848 he was made assistant professor, and succeeded Woolsey as professor of Greek when Woolsey became president of Yale College in 1851. He was well versed in Latin and…

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Published in the year Salisbury returned to New Haven, this work depicts the frontage of Yale College along College Street, the Theological Department where Salisbury first held his appointment, and a map of the college campus at the time.…

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